Behavioural Checklist for Your Child

During the initial consultation, parents often attempt to describe the behaviours of their child. Behaviours that may have been causing concern. Child behaviour is an important aspect of assessment as it may indicate underlying developmental, emotional or cognitive delay or disorder. Whether this information is for the Speech Pathologist, General Practitioner
or Paediatrician, you can assist greatly by having a checklist at hand. It then allows you to select, emphasise, expand upon and discuss important behavioural features that are relevant with the professional, within the session.

Behavioural Checklist
How well does your child: In a yes/no format

  • Follow instruction 1. 2. 3. Stage commands
  • Sit still
  • Wait his turn
  • Keep track of his belongings
  • Get ready for school
  • Complete requests without repeated reminders/nagging
  • Complete homework in a timely manner
  • Return homework to the teacher
  • Complete book reports and projects
  • Complete chores
  • Get along with peers
  • Cooperate with rules
  • Make and keep friends
  • Manage his anger
  • Play quietly
  • Initiate, join or maintain a conversation or game
  • Delay gratification
  • Thinks before he acts
  • Keeps belongings organised
  • Show emotional maturity
  • Be aware of his behaviour
  • Manage his feelings
  • Avoid minor distractions
  • Is able to persist in problem solving or reasoning tasks (puzzles)
  • Works independently without distracting those children around him
  • Empathetic or sensitive to other children’s pain or feelings

You can assist by recording, presenting and then expanding upon your behavioural observations and concerns. Behavioural disorders can be isolated or they may accompany other developmental delays or be part of a wider disorder.
If you are concerned about your child`s behaviour please contact an experienced practitioner for advice and professional guidance.

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When to seek help

Please seek professional opinion and advice if you are concerned about a communication, developmental or swallowing problem. Click below for more.


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